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Erphaan Alves is a Trinidadian soca recording artist and songwriter. He initially gained full recognition in the soca word 2012 when he successfully qualified as a finalist in both Groovy and International Power Soca Monarch Finals with the songs "In your Eyes" and "Terrible". His transition to soca megastar proved complete when he cued the HD band into his 2018 monster hit ‘Overdue’.

Erphaan was awarded Best New Male Soca Artist in the International Soca Awards 2012 and he was also an MTV IGGY Artiste of The Week that year. Erphaan acts as a songwriter alongside his soca career, writing songs such as "Precision Wine" sang by Kes the band, "Make You Rock", "Take You Home" and "Doh Friad" sang by Machel Montano.



  • - National Calypso Monarch Finalist


  • - ‘Overdue’ – Top 10 most played/viewed Soca Song (YouTube views/streams)


  • - Soca Monarch Finalist


  • - Soca Monarch Finalist
  • - National Calypso Monarch Semifinalist


  • - International Groovy and Power Soca Monarch Finalist
  • - Youngest Artiste to perform in both competitions
  • - Performed in the following countries for the first time: in Barbados with UWI Arts Chorale, Antigua, Dominica and Grenada.


  • - International Soca Monarch Semifinalist
  • - Composed song for National School’s Soca Monarch Finalist who placed 3rd


  • - International Soca Monarch Semifinalist


  • - 1st place National Junior Soca Monarch International Soca Monarch Semifinalist


  • - National Junior Soca Monarch
  • - Guest Artiste International Power and Groovy Soca Monarch


  • - Trincity/Petit San Juan Lyons Calypso Monarch
  • - Sunshine Snacks National Junior Calypso Monarch Finalist
  • - 2nd place Junior Soca Monarch
  • - International Soca Monarch Semifinalist